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Approval of Tariffs

PURA is mandated by section 13 (1b) of the PURA Act 2001 to “examine rates and fees chargeable for the provision of regulated public services”.

Specifically for the Electricity Sector, Section 18 of the Electricity Act 2005 gives PURA the mandate to “determine, review, approve, modify or refuse the tariffs ” provided by the licensees”.

All request for Review of Electricty and Water Tariffs must be done according to the PURA Electricity and Water Retail Tariff Filing Guidelines

It is in line with this mandate that the authority recently concluded a tariff review for the National Water and Electricity Company NAWEC of which the newly determined rates with effect from the 1st of June 2012 are as follows:

The Table below gives the Electricity Tariff:
Telecommunication Tariffs

For the telecoms sector, The Gambia currently benefits from a fully liberalized market and as such, PURA allows competitive forces to operate in setting local tariffs.  On the international front, it should be noted that PURA only sets the minimum call charge for international calls taking into account termination charges, taxes and levies.

Operators are at the liberty to implement tariffs that are not below the minimum call charge set so as to avoid anti-competitive practices.

The Table below gives Water and Sewage Tariff:

Below is a snapshot of the varying rates charged by operators in the market currently;

The Table below gives the mobile GSM Prepaid charges :

 *All rates in Gambian Dalasi (GMD).

The Table below gives the mobile GSM Postpaid charges :
The Table below gives the mobile GSM Postpaid charges :

* Sales Tax Exclusive (all units in Gambian Dalasi, GMD)

All Tariffs as of May 2013

The Table below gives the Fixed Line Rates and charges  (GAMTEL)

All charges include Sales Tax

Fixed Internet (HOME)

Fixed Internet (CORPORATE)


Handset Data Rates (Promotions Not Included)