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Mobile operators

You have complained to your Service Provider without result?

Then CALL PURA on 148 from any GSM network or GAMTEL Landline:
Mon – Thurs:  9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

148 was laucnhed by PURA in June 2008 to create a helpdesk to enable consumers to register their complaints to PURA free of charge.

The 148 Helpline is fully integrated with the PURA Consumer Query Logging Database to allow for realtime entry of all complaints and also to track their resolution. the CQLD also allows PURA to periodically evalute the pattern of all registered complaints. the frequency and nature of complaints gives an insight to the current issues in a particular sector.

This in turn would eventually guide the formulation of the approaopite regulatory response or intervention.

The flowchart illustrates how a basic complaint is handled through the 148 system

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