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Mobile operators QOS reports


The Consumer affairs Unit handle complaints/inquiries from consumers of all regulated services. Consumers can send their complaints through e-mail, formal letters, telephone calls, and fax and by walking-in and completing the consumer complaint form (CCF1)

  • When received, complaints are documented, on the CQLD and analyzed, as per DCA’s complaint resolution mechanism.
  • Depending on the complexity of the complaint, the CAA makes use of the directorate’s internal process of escalation and the issue is discussed at directorate level to ascertain the area of input required.
  • If complex and needs other directorates input; the complaint is then communicated to the relevant directorate with the technical expertise, with all relevant information to advise as to course of action.
  • Once the advice is received, the complainant is communicated to and the complaint is then forwarded to the service provider concerned with a definite time frame within which to respond to the issues raised and or resolve the complaint.

A copy of the PURA Consumer Complaints Form can be downloaded here


  • false billing,
  • arbitrary disconnection of service,
  • poor service delivery,
  • drop calls,
  • non-chalant attitude towards genuine complaints,
  • deceptive advertisement,
  • arrears and credit related

  • burst pipes
  • Poor quality of service
  • inability to recharge,
  • inability to check credit balance,
  • network failure,
  • Low voltage
  • un-availability or lack of services