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Pura hosts, Richard Keck, Consultant for the Preparation of Gateway Lisences

To complement WARCIP, the Government of The Gambia has secured a loan from the
Islamic Development Bank to provide a national backbone infrastructure and also
interconnect with neighbouring countries as part of the ECOWAS Wide Area Network

The IDA grant includes a number of consultancies which includes the development of a Gateway Licence.
In this regard, PURA sought to renew the services of the consultant, Mr Richard Keck who had previously prepared the legal documents for the Gambia Submarine cable Company (GSC). Mr Keck, come from the US and has an outstanding experience in regulatory law. His work with PURA was also an opportunity to build capacity amongst the PURA Staff.
This would ensure standardization as the text, wording and terms and conditions of the licence are harmonized with the GSC’s licence and other licenses.


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