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Fraudulent International Incoming Calls


It has come to the notice of the authority that certain individuals or entities outside the country have been sending incoming international calls to the country, and can cause serious economic losses to the country.

This action manifest in the form of subscribers receiving international calls from North American number series 001767502xxxx and 0011551xxxx, that automatically hang-up;

This act is fraudulent and as a matter of urgency, subscribers receiving international calls from these number series and any international numbers that one does not recognise, are advised not to call or text back these numbers as you might lse a chunk of your credit.

Subscribers are further advised to call PURA on 148 free from any network to report these numbers, indicating, the date and time of the call.

The authority is working with both local and external partners / stakeholders to take appropriate action to avert this menace.

For further information, visit the PURA head office

94 Kairaba Avenue, Fajara, The Gambia
Tel (OFFICE): +220 4399601 / 4399602
Email: pura@pura.gm or info@pura.gm


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